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This SOU-face treatment gives you the cosmetic surgery grade results without knife.

SOU-face treatment – Ultimate facial treatment for rejuvenation

“Dr. PUR BEAUTE”, highly functional anti-aging skin care product, was developed for the purpose of creating healthy, beautiful skin, evolve the old “filling-up” skin care products into a new era. Based on the right skin physiology and the wellness of the skin, it was created with the latest beauty technology and precious effective ingredients to optimize the effectiveness of this luxurious facial treatment.

images ①( Revive ) Deduct 5 – 10 years from your skin
②( Create ) 3 dimensional face
③( Layer) Penetrate to every layer (such as epidermis , dermis , subcutaneous , muscle , fascia , skeletal )
④( Physiognomy ) Favorable face feature
⑤( Refresh ) Balance the hormone
⑥( Control ) Train facial muscles
⑦( Slim ) Smaller face by eliminating excess water and fat
⑧( Beautify ) Improve the skin condition and profile

Super treatment developed combining the original special hand treatment and the latest medical-grade skin care products
Facial treatment working on 8 “SOU” – aspects- all by hands, is based on the anatomy and focuses on the health and beauty, solves all kinds of concerns such as sagging skin, nasolabial fold, distorted shape, wrinkles and others.


“SOU” 4 Main Facial Treatment

• Deep Cleansing & Myofascial Release Course    

• Pre-Bio Course

• Super Mineral & Hydrogen Mask Course

• Live-peptide Introduction BIO Matrix Course


Basic Facial

Rejuvenate your skin by deep cleansing and nourishing with the electroporation of the skin care products selected to suit your skin condition.

Cleansing → Scraper pore cleansing → Electroporation → Massage decollette → Skin toning

Optional Menu:

IncurativerPRO Facial

Radio wave collagen production enhancement & compact face treatment Radio

Warming up the skin with radio wave and achieve the good circulation, skin cell rejuvenation, lifting up.

EMS M’s Rancher: Facial muscles lift up

Stimulating the facial muscles and achieve the lift up and compact face by the latest technology 3D EMS for 10 years back.

Deep Cleansing & Myofascial Release Course Helf Session – 45 mins HKD1,750             Full Session – 90 mins HKD3,500
Pre – Bio Treatment 90 mins HK3,500
Super Mineral & Hydrogen Mask Course 90 mins HKD3,500
Live-peptide Introduction BIO Matrix Course Comming soon
Basic course 50 mins HKD1,000
Optional Menu:
Incurativer PRO Facial Treatment 20 mins HKD800
EM’s Launcher: Facial muscles lift up 20 mins HKD800
Facial All Inclusive Package:
Basic + IncurativerPRO + EM’s Launcher 90 mins HKD2,600 → HKD2,300